We pride ourselves on a unique and tailored experience for each and every one of our clients, this means to us that no two jobs are ever the same, each is designed and tailored to your specific needs.. This means the services we offer are vast, we’ve tried to list as many as possible below, but if you need something extra or not listed, get in touch and I’m sure we’ll be able to help. We do not do personal care.But we do offer companionship

  •  Shopping trips £10 petrol  AND £10 a hour there AFTER
  • Ironing £12 a hour if dropped and collected, £15 a hour if collection is required within 5 mile
  • Appointment Travel and Assistance £10 petrol then £10 a hour after
  • Gardening £15 a hour
  • Washing /Drying/ £10 per load
  • cookers single £40 double £60

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